Mining Projects

“Sun Engineering can Design, Fabricate and Construct Bulk handling systems for a wide range of materials”



Sun Engineering is a leader in the manufacture of materials handling and process equipment for the mining industry.

Sun Engineering has over 34 years experience in the provision of materials handling solutions,  supported through design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

With  34 years of experience in everything from Gold  and Coal to Woodchip and Cement.  Our Design and workshop drawing capability includes : Stackers and reclaimers, stockyards,  wharves & wharf conveyors, conventional and suspended (long span aerial systems) conveyor systems, as well as pipe conveyors.

Our wealth of experience  means that our  designs are tempered with practical know how. This allows us to avoid many of the costly pitfalls  that can dog even simple bulk handling project execution.

With the rapid advances that have been made in conveyor technology in recent years, construction specialists must stay abreast of layout, fabrication and construction techniques for these hard working high moving part systems.

We have the knowledge and ability to work with design teams to ensure both operational optimisation and efficient construction. Our extensive experience in detailing, fabrication, construction and commissioning of conveyor systems covers the full gamut of materials.

An integral part of any bulk materials handling system are its Bins and hoppers.

Sun Engineering’s   heavy lift capacity in both our workshops and our fleet of construction cranes allows us to manufacture and erect large high specification plate work fabrications,  that are beyond the capabilities of many  fabricators and constructors.  With the bond and retention’s that are an intrinsic part of the industry  more and more clients are  using our services  to reduce not only  costly construction  difficulties, but also  long term peace of mind.

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