“Sun Engineering consistently aims for environmental sustainability in all of our operations within Australia and internationally”



Each project that we undertake is supported by it’s own unique Environmental Management Plan (EMP)  to provide the framework for the Project to effectively manage its Environmental obligations by:

  • Complying with Legislative, Statutory and Contractual requirements;
  • Complying with all project conditions;
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO14001 and other relevant guidelines; and
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the relevant Environmental Protection Acts and their relevant regulations and policies.
  • Ensuring that rules specified in the Environmental Management Plan are mandatory

All Sun Eng projects are committed to creating a positive work environment where excellence in Environmental Management is valued by all participants.

  • Target – Zero environmental accidents or incidents and works on the philosophy of “Do No Harm” to personnel or the environment
  • Demonstrate visible leadership through communicating expectations, following up on commitments, demonstrating commitment to project goals and leading by example.

Maintain free and open lines of communication so that hazards are reported and acted upon. Empowering every participant on the project to conduct their work in an environmentally friendly fashion and to stop work immediately to correct any substandard conditions.