Inclusion and Diversity

Diverse workplaces where we can all achieve our full potential.

Diverse Workplace Culture

Sun Engineering strives to be the leader of an inclusive culture where diversity of thought, and background is valued. This provides better outcomes for our people, customers, and the international community.

Diversity means difference. Some of the characteristics it encompasses are gender, ethnicity, religion, age, ability or disability, sexual orientation, language, skills, experience, education, industry sector, and approaches to thinking. We believe diversity of thought and background, together with an inclusive workplace environment, is critical. This supports our employees and team to excel and enables innovation to continuously improve our products and delivery of our services.

Equality & Ethics

We ensure that all interactions are treated with dignity and respect with equal opportunities given to all irrespective of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age, or national origin. Employees are offered a safe and healthy workplace and the company does not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying and or discrimination.

Sun prohibits all forms of Modern Slavery and seeks to educate and influence its employees and suppliers to ensure that no form of Modern Slavery is taking place in its own business operations or supply chain. Sun Engineering has an extensive policy in place that is designed to prevent and detect Modern Slavery within the business and supply chain.

Indigenous Engagement & Collaboration

Sun Engineering looks to find mutually beneficial and meaningful opportunities within the local communities which Sun operates.

We do this by consulting Indigenous groups and developing an engagement plan for the Indigenous and local community that is specific to the site, inducting workers and promoting engagement with local communities and indigenous culture, customs and traditions and ensuring measures are taken to respect cultural requirements. We actively seek opportunities to engage with local business, contractors and suppliers whilst undertaking work in an area.

Diversity and Inclusion in Steel Fabrication - Sun Engineering Workshop
Diversity and Inclusion in Steel Fabrication - Sun Engineering Australia
Diversity and Inclusion in Steel Fabrication - Sun Engineering PNG On Site
Diversity and Inclusion in Steel Fabrication - Sun Engineering Workshop Carole Park

A Sustainable & Empowered Workforce

Sun Engineering is a family owned, culturally diverse organisation with a strong commitment to working with and employing from the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to our people and to developing and maintaining relationships of mutual respect and understanding with all our people and their communities is the base of our framework for a sustainable and diverse workforce and our continued success in our areas of operation.

We prioritise an inclusive workplace through our diversity and inclusion vision – everyone matters. 

Our advocacy for diversity and inclusion is guided by a global framework focusing on gender equality, First Nations peoples, cultural diversity and an inclusive culture. Our diverse and inclusive teams benefit our people, our operations and clients, and communities, bringing rich experience and insight and enabling greater engagement, innovation and productivity.  

One of the key findings of the recent Board review into cultural heritage management highlighted our need to transform our work culture to better reflect our values.

Our two-way mentoring programme presents an important opportunity for our senior leaders in Australia to offer career advice to our Indigenous talent, while gaining a better understanding of some of the challenges faced by our Indigenous employees. The programme is helping build a culture of understanding across our organisation and foster connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.

The Training and Mentoring Programme implemented by Sun Engineering in 2023 was aimed at upskilling indigenous people from the areas where the company operates. The focus of the program was on manufacturing structural, mechanical, and piping fabrication and construction skills. The program aimed to assist new employees in gaining specific competencies related to various aspects of the manufacturing processes and welding procedures, all adhering to the Australian standard of workmanship. Overall, the Training and Mentoring Programme was designed to equip indigenous employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to Sun Engineering’s manufacturing and construction operations, while adhering to the high Australian standards of workmanship.

Coaching is one of the most powerful developmental tools to build skills and evolve behaviours. It is completely personalised and focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change in a way that is tailored to an individual.

All Indigenous employees in Australia have the opportunity to work with an experienced coach from the Leadership Success organisation. Coaches help participants to focus attention on the things that matter most and give them practical support, provide tools related to their individual goals and challenges, and guide them in how they can apply these on the job.

Sun Engineering Careers

Our workforce has the skills, experience and resourcefulness to realise opportunities, respond to project challenges and add value to clients’ needs.

The teamwork, enthusiasm and professional expertise of our people ensure that we deliver operations and services that consistently match or exceed our clients’ expectations. Explore the opportunities  of working with Sun Engineering today.