Projects delivered to world class standards

Delivering High Quality
Engineering Products

We understand your EPC project requirements must meet strict engineering quality control standards. Sun Engineering is ASI CC3, ISO 9001 and AS 5131 quality management systems accredited as well as one of the only certified suppliers in QLD holding TMR (Transport & Main Roads) quality certifications MRTS78, MRTS78A and MRSTS79. We are committed to delivering your engineering quality product and service on time and within budget.

Less Waste More Value

We understand your project requirements and have the tools to deliver it. As part of our engineering quality management system, Sun Engineering adopts a strict lean manufacturing policy.

Our engrained culture is to continually improve our customer service, productivity and lead times. We promote company wide innovative thinking to reduce any quality defects, rework and waste.

Continual Improvement

Through our integrated management system our team can continuously report on safety, environment and project outcomes in real time anywhere on the globe.

We are a noted 5S workplace focused on productivity, engineering quality and safety improvement. 5S is our process and method for creating and maintaining an organised, clean, high performance workplace that delivers project budget and timeline efficiencies ensuring our clients meet their production objectives.