“SUNENG Civil possess the knowledge, leadership and expertise to deliver successful projects”

At Sun Engineering we recognize that as an initial part of any project civil operations have a significant impact on all downstream packages. We continuously operate guided by our PRIDE
values and unwavering commitment to safety and environment, to ensure that we lead by example in all projects we are associated with to ensure a safe, effective and efficient work site
that delivers results.

Sun Civil’s project teams have over 50 years combined experience and can deliver civil projects throughout a wide range of sectors including but not limited to:

Public Infrastructure
o Water reticulation
o Sewer reticulation
o Water and sewer pump stations
o Drainage and storm water management
o Road works
o Retaining walls and Civil structures

Land Development
o Site clearing and stripping
o General earthworks
o Drainage
o Electrical & communication conduit installation
o Water & Sewage reticulation
o Road works

Mining Services & Heavy Industry
o Contract mining/ Overburden stripping
o General earthworks
o Cartage and civil operations
o Pavements and access roads
o Tailings dams and bund’s
o Detailed excavations and structural footings
o Workshop slabs and hardstands
o Water and waste water treatment and reticulation
o Slurry pipelines
o Electrical trenching

Commercial Construction
o Site preparations works
o General earthworks
o Drainage
o Retaining walls
o Detailed excavation and footings
o Car parks and pavements
o Building slabs and hardscaping