“At Sun Engineering, we pride ourselves on our commercial fabrication and construction capability”



Sun Engineering’s ability to fabricate and construct as well as providing electrical and process control services through our subsidiary Pan Process allows us to offer clients a one-stop-shop for the construction of commercial projects.

Some of the typical projects that Sun Engineering are involved with in the Commercial Construction Industry include:

  • Residential building
  • Corporate building
  • Large warehouse facilities
  • Mega amusement park rides

The Sun Group’s experience means our project management team have a wealth of experience over decades in complex building projects such as the steel roof on Suncorp stadium in Brisbane, the crown on top of the iconic Q1 building on the Gold Coast, The Tower of Terror thrill ride at Dream World. This experience makes us the first choice as a steel fabricator and erector for major commercial building construction projects.

Sun Engineering offers a wide variety of manufacturing, construction and fabrication services. Call our head office in Carole Park today on + 61 7 3271 2988 to discuss your project.