Santos – ECP of WSTP: Decontamination & Demolition of Kutubu Refinery

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Kutubu Refinery PNG

About The Project

Sun Engineering was awarded the contract for the EPC scope to take the FEED design package and complete the detailed engineering, procure the balance of the plant and equipment, and complete the construction and commissioning of the new WSTP. This included but was not limited to, site levelling and compaction (after the demolition of existing plant and equipment), Geotechnical slope repairs as outlined in the FEED design, all detail engineering associated with the WSTP, including any integration engineering with the Santos supplied packages, Procurement of balance of plant and equipment, Construction of the WSTP (including the free issue packages), Commissioning of the WSTP and handover to Santos.

Client: Santos

Project Value: $14,500,000.00

Date Completed: 2020