Santos – South East Mananda Flowline

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Kutubu, PNG

About The Project

Sun Engineering was awarded the contract to for the EPC contract to remove hydrocarbon from the Southeast Manada (SEM) Flow Line. The residual fluids are to be drained and then the lines are to be preserved with an inert gas. There are 4 flowlines of approximately 15km in length that traverse the Hegigio Bridge from the SEM 3/4/5 production facility to the Agogo Production Facility (APF) as well as additional gathering lines.

The project objective was to maximise the hydrocarbon recovery from the production line, liquid free the chemical lines and purge the gas lift line to reduce environmental exposure in a Loss of Containment event. The works included FEED package, Offsite engineering, materials and equipment, Mobilisation, site preparation, vegetation clearing and site security establishment at the APF, SEM 1X, 3/4/5 and ADD1/ADT4, Installation/application and verification of isolations, valve line up and equipment set up, DN 100 GL Purge, DN 100 SEM1X Production Flowline Sweep, DN 200 SEM to ADT-1 Production Header Sweep, 2 X DN 25 Chemical Transfer Line Sweep and offsite fabrication and delivery of a pressure reduction skid.

Client: Santos

Project Value: $2,000,000.00

Date Completed: 2023