“Our overriding mission and priority is the safe return of our workers to their families. We are committed to the highest standard of work health and safety practice that protects workers, creates a positive culture, brings pride and profitability to all stakeholders”



Work Health and Safety Compliance

Sun Engineering has wholly implemented 3rd party certified work health and safety systems and processes covering all areas of the business. These are as follows;

•    ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System
•   AS/NZS 4801 Occupational work health and safety management systems
•    ISO 14001 Environmental Compliance
•    AS/ NZS 5131

Sun Engineering is focused on delivering a quality service that meets all work health and safety certified systems.



Our Work Health and Safety Philosophy

Good work health and safety practice demands innovation.

The Sun Engineering work health and safety philosophy is to continually ensure measures are in place that keeps our business at the forefront of innovative, world class safety standards.

Our work health and safety “Take 5 System”, “Green Card System” and “Do no harm” philosophy are examples of our focus on innovation;

  1. “Take 5 system” is a work health and safety program that requires all personnel carrying out an activity to step back and complete a basic risk assessment on the task prior to commencing the task.
  2. The “Green Card System” is a simple formatted work health and safety card program that allows quick and accurate communication both up and down the information chain covering all areas of business including Safety, Environmental, IR and general management issues.
  3. “Do no harm” philosophy is that the work health and safety wellbeing of everyone and everything associated with Sun Engineering will at the end of the day be as good or better than when they arrived at work that morning.



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